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Because of my passion for prophecy, I am motivated to share my knowledge with you. I possess a rare level of understanding. My goal is for you to comprehend and gain knowledge about the current end-time events. I have longed to understand the nearness of Jesus Christ’s return. Personal revelation is available to anyone who seeks righteousness and has a relationship with God. It is because of personal revelation, personal scripture study, prayer that I understand what is happening right now. Including right down to the next war. Some with dates and other events without dates. This being mentioned, the focus is not on dates, but on events and the importance of faith in Christ and cultivating a relationship with Jesus.

You gotta listen to this podcast. It’s pure gold. Don’t forget to study, pray, invite the holy spirit, and ask questions. In the end, listen and you’ll discover. 

Find out why this podcast is so important in our day, page here. Have questions, contact me, here

Take a moment to view the podcast introduction video by clicking on this link. Click here.

Allow me, as your host, to welcome you. I’m Timothy Thompson, a member of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”, and I’ve become a prophecy expert through 50 years of devotion. I am overflowing with gratitude for the abundance of knowledge I have, and my commitment to humility is steadfast and everlasting. My purpose is to offer support and serve as a mentor in your journey to comprehend end-time events. I am absolutely certain that the second coming of Jesus is approaching. It is my understanding that the combination of scriptures, prayer, the holy spirit, and the current state of the world provides evidence that we are in the last days, awaiting the return of Jesus.

There are several events that must occur before that day, all of which will lead up to the grand finale. Understanding these events will strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. Is this your desire? Once you clearly understand the 7 trumpets and the 8 kings, you will discern the events that precede the 2nd coming. This is an exceptionally extraordinary occurrence, and this is what the podcast is all about. By listening to the podcast, you’ll discover that over 99 percent of the world lacks an understanding of what you are about to uncover. Not only will you possess the truth, but you will also possess the ability to perceive it. The choices we make in life are significant, and I kindly invite you to join me on my humble podcast, where I can share extraordinary wisdom and knowledge.

Mark your calendar for Friday, September 6, 2024, when I will launch my first podcast, with a new episode every Friday.

Included below are articles that discuss each episode, along with their links, articles, audio, and video. You can access the podcast transcript as well. 

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